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Dear Patients, We are offering you and your family to pass a comprehensive medical examination - "One day health check-up!" We conduct check up of thedifferent organs and body systems without queues in one-day! For moreinformation please contact us at: +7 (7172) 70 20 70 70 15 50 70 15 70


                                                            DEAR WEBSITE VISITORS!

     Up to date The Republican Diagnostic Center is one of the best diagnostic centers worldwide. This investment project was carried out on behalf of the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, and was created in accordance with the decision of the Government of Kazakhstan on May 6, 2008 № 421.
     The Center is equipped with an exclusive diagnostic equipment of world leaders in Europe, USA and Japan. For the first time in Kazakhstan and Central Asia the Center conducts research using nuclear medicine techniques – Positron Emission Tomography, Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography.
     In the Center works only the best experts from various fields of medicine. We have the ability to provide services for 58 types of medical activities and advices to 30 medical specialties and to perform 500 types of sophisticated laboratory tests.
     The successful combination of ultra-modern diagnostic facilities and expertise of our medical professionals meets the most demanding expectations of our patients.      Republican Diagnostic Center is the perfect option for those who care about their health, esteem the time and the quality, accuracy and reliability.
     Diagnostic of the organism is a fundamental element of any therapeutic or healing process.
     The latest equipment and innovative diagnostic methods allows us not only to diagnose overt diseases but also to reveal hidden threats.
     The Center provides wide opportunities medical examination from basic to specific research for men, women and children.
     With age increases the risk of many serious diseases where doctors recommend at least one time per year for men and women after 35 years to pass a full medical examination. To undergo a full medical examination means to protect yourself from risk factors of many diseases that are unique for each person.
     The Center presents variety of check-up programs.
     Timely, accurate diagnosis will help to identify disease at an early stage and to assign less radical and more secure and therefore less expensive treatment

Republican Diagnostic Center is :

  • multidisciplinary medical center ;
  • highly qualified professionals ,educated at the leading clinicals abroad;
  • cutting-edge high-tech equipment ;
  • quality diagnostics in accordance with international standards ;
  • innovative methods of diagnosis and advanced medical technology;
  • multi-level system of quality control : internal and external (with the participation of foreign experts);
  • individual approach to each patient;
  • the effective implementation of international standards of patient safety;
  •  a wide range of health care services;
  • highly accurate early diagnosis of diseases;

        Our main principle - the professionalism of the best medical staff, individual approach and excellent facilities for outpatient care.


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